Бременност и токсоплазмоза (pregnancy and Toxoplasmosis)

Бременност и токсоплазмоза (pregnancy and Toxoplasmosis)

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Toto: What you recommended to prevent infection with Toxoplasmosis?
What you recommend in case of pregnancy after positive result of Toxoplasmosis?
What is adequate treatment? If illness e pass and antibody are build is necessary at pregnancy to take some additional medicine to protect the foetus? Thank you!

Walter Last: Sodium chlorite is a good all-round antimicrobial and anti-parasite remedy and is officially used for water and food treatment, the only remaining residue is a small amount of common salt (sodium chloride). On the Internet it is available as MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. I recommend that she start with one drop and gradually increase up to 6 drops 3x per day. For information see http://miraclemineral.org, (audio http://www.webtalkradio.net/content/view/32/33/ ) and http://phaelosopher.wordpress.com/2007/ ... chemistry/ . I also recommend it now for Candida and all other infections and cancer. See that you can buy about 20 litres solution of sodium chlorite (here produced as 31%), and then you can distribute it, MMS is 28% and 200 ml last about 2 years and are sold for about $ US 20, have a look at EBay.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: http://www.heal-yourself.com.au/
За продукта Алфавит "Майчино здраве": http://www.nanocom-bg.com/test/index.ph ... t&Itemid=7
Повече за книгите на Walter Last : http://www.nanocom-bg.com/test/index.ph ... t&Itemid=7
Препоръки на Walter Last за заболявания: http://www.nanocom-bg.com/test/index.ph ... &Itemid=31
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Повече за витамините можете да прочетете тук: http://www.nanocom-bg.com/test/index.ph ... 3&Itemid=5
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