Дейонизирана вода (deionised water)

Дейонизирана вода (deionised water)

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Ivan: I wont to ask if there is some kind of health influence of deionized water on peoples organism and in about how much is it useful? I will be very thank full if you answer with a little bit more information.

Walter Last: Water may be deionised or distilled to remove unwanted chemicals, such as fluoride, heavy metals and pesticides. It can be used for cleansing periods of people who are too calcified. For drinking and cooking one should add some good minerals, such as sea water or sea minerals, colloidal minerals, magnesium chloride or some bore water, otherwise long-term use of deionised water can cause mineral deficiency.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: http://www.heal-yourself.com.au/
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