..добавки за 1 Тип Диабет (supplements for Diabetes 1 Type)?

..добавки за 1 Тип Диабет (supplements for Diabetes 1 Type)?

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Ivan: I have Diabetes 1 Type and I do not take insulin.I take like additional supplements only Selen, Zink and Nikotinamid. Please give me your recommendations about other supplements for me which is necessary to take, also I want ask you for your opinion about Alfavit "Diabet", may I take it?

Walter Last: In addition to the Selenium, Zinc and Nicotinamide take other supplements that give high levels of all the vitamins and minerals, especially B1, B6 and chromium. I cannot find the amounts in Alfavit Diabetes but they seem to be very low. Take them anyway but also a complete B-complex or multivitamin and lots of antioxidants and fish oil in addition. N-Acetyl glucosamine binds antibodies in the blood and protects the pancreas from attack. If you can get it (e.g. from the Internet) then take 1 g or more daily, other forms of glucosamine do not help.Often eat liver because that is high in vitamins and minerals.

For more information see the website and books of Walter Last: http://www.heal-yourself.com.au/
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